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Integrity Telecommunications Mobile phone trading exchange




桃園市 (Taoyuan)   ∙   Joined 4y 6m


Very Responsive

All mobile phones are completely tested by engineers. The photos on the website are very clear. The mobile phones are guaranteed to be paid for 7 days at 7-11 stores. Foreign friends Yangmei Railway Station interviews all mobile phones without discount.



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  • zziyi2709 14 days ago

    Every time I have to ask the boss to help us foreign friends find Apple mobile phones. The Apple II mobile phone you sell looks beautiful and has the same functions as a new mobile phone. I am a very professional professional seller😊👍

    🍎iPhone X 256g space gray battery 87% with charger #2971🍎


  • zziyi2709 15 days ago

    Thanks again to the boss for selling me a cheap and practical and beautiful mobile phone. Thank you for your careful testing. The mobile phone is completely normal and has no problem. The appearance is the same as the new one. In the future, if a friend needs to buy it with you again👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍

    🍎iPhone 8 64g bright red battery 81% original box with charger #7906🍎


  • zziyi2709 21 days ago

    Thanks to the enthusiastic boss for helping me choose a great phone

    🍎iPhone 8 Plus 64g gold battery 100% unboxed with charger #1809🍎Foreign friends at Yangmei Railway Station


  • arisetyawan0722 1 year ago


  • zziyi2709 1 year ago

    Great seller, once again assist foreign friends to help buy, the boss’s Apple phone item is fully functional👍Nothing to be curious about👍Next time there are foreign friends who need an Apple phone to trouble the boss again

  • zziyi2709 1 year ago

    Great seller! Every time I help my foreign friend to buy Apple products, I will only think of him. The good price is real, and I will repurchase when I have the opportunity.

  • zziyi2709 2 years ago

    Very good seller, the phone is very new and free of defects, and the functions are normal. I will buy from you next time

  • mark870917 2 years ago


  • ridodendasaputra 2 years ago

    Very good seller, if I want to replace phone i will buy at your store again👌

  • bertodahilan 2 years ago

    selling broken item

    ate5168 2 years ago

    I didn't ship with this. Why do you give me a rating? I don't believe you because you are a liar.

  • zziyi2709 2 years ago

    I also assisted the foreign workers to buy the red iPhone 7 plus 256g. The foreign workers received the goods and complained to me. The mobile phone is beautiful, good and easy to use. Thank you boss. Good quality Apple mobile phone.

  • s04255364 2 years ago


  • zziyi2709 2 years ago

    I once again assisted foreign friends to buy the boss’s iPhone. The boss explained the patient patiently. Thank you, the boss, the second mobile phone, and the friend will buy you later.

  • zziyi2709 2 years ago

    很棒的賣家! 快速出貨!

  • tabz03 3 years ago

    Very friendly and fast transaction

  • egbbcin 3 years ago

    Fast shipping speed, good quality, good seller

  • zziyi2709 3 years ago

    Great seller to deal with👍👍👍