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環遊世界雙CD Vol 9~10 Around The World 世界音樂 綠袖子 奇異恩典 金革唱片

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嘉義縣 (Chiayi County)
Around The World Vol. 9~10 2CD BOX THE BEST FOLKS & MASTERPIECES IN THE WORLD The Best Folks Sound of ENGLAND The Best Favourites of SCOTLAND 專輯收錄三十二首英格蘭及蘇格蘭經典民謠,包括〈綠袖子〉(Greensleeves)、〈深沉的納加湖〉(Dark Lochnagar)、〈克萊蒙〉(Crimond)、〈山梨樹〉(Rowan Tree)、〈藍丁羅雷〉(Rantin Rory)、〈奇異恩典〉(Amazing Grace )、〈永恆的蘇格蘭〉(Scotland Forever)、〈草風鈴〉(The Bluebells of Scotland)等知名歌曲。歌曲以樂團演奏,佐以恬靜優雅的鋼琴伴奏,適合沉思、冥想打坐、助眠、閱讀專注、瑜珈、SPA按摩等多種用途,尤其適合心浮氣躁、思緒雜亂時安心寧神。 ENGLAND 01. DARD LOCHNAGAR 02. THE WEE BAIRN SLEEPS 03. AMAZING GRACE 04. RANTIN RORY 05. GREENSLEEVES 06. GREEN GROW THE RASHERS 07. CRIMOND 08. BANNOCKBURN 1314 09. ALL THE WORLD IS SLEEPING 10. COULTER'S CANDY 11. GLEN OF GLENS 12. BONNIE MARY OF ARGYLE 13. ROWAN TREE 14. AYE WAUKIN' 15. MY MOTHER 16. PATHETIGUE SCOTLAND 01. ANNIE LAURIE 02. FLIGHT OF EARLS 03. GREEN HILL OF TYROL 04. WILL YE NO COME BACK AGAIN 05. YE BANKS AND BRAES 06. DOWN IN THE GLEN 07. DUMBARTON'S DRUM 08. THE BLUEBELLS OF SCOTLAND 09. FLOWER OF SCOTLAND 10. SCOTLAND FOREVER 11. MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED RED ROSE 12. MY AIN FOLK 13. AULD LANG SYNE 14. FLIGHT OF THE GOLDEN EAGLE 15. THE OLD SCOTS SONGS 16. SKYE BOAT SONG 演唱:合輯 唱片公司:金革唱片/JINGO RECORDS 規格:CD CD編號:JS1810 非新品外殼有細微刮痕,不介意物品狀況再行購買。 如今的我們都太複雜,需要片刻休憩回到那往日的單純美好。 自我禁錮 MY OWN PRISON 主義合唱團 CREED Wind-up Records 版本 ★消費滿額可享免運優惠★ ★FREE Shipping on Eligible Orders★
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