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美國 INTER-M RMX-1426 混音器 MIXER 數位迴音 音效處理器 USA製造 0 直購

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台中市 (Taichung)
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Rare InterM RMX 1426 Mixing Console 10 Balanced Mic Inputs 6 Balanced Line / 4 Stereo Line Inputs 4 PGM Outputs + Stereo Outputs Headphone & Monitor Outputs FX Send / Return Bus Aux Send Bus Rack Mountable PFL on all inputs/outputs 2 Band EQ on all inputs Phantom Power 10 LED VU metering on output channels This auction is for an InterM mixing console with 10 input channels selectable to mic or line. The main feature of this particular desk is that there are four program outputs as well as the Left/Right stereo mix, and each input channel has routing switches to each of the output channels. This would be a very useful feature for systems with speakers in multiple rooms, such as a church, school, gym or leisure centre, where there may be a back room, lobby, cafe, changing room or outside area which can adjusted independantly of the main system.The desk is in good clean condition, complete with all it's knobs and faders. It is quite simple to understand, and operate. This mixer has not been used for a little while, but I have given it a good clean and lubricated all the switches, pots and faders with switch lubricant and given it a quick test, and all seems to be in working order.Mic connections are provided on balanced 3 pin XLR, while balanced lines are on 3 pole 1/4" jacks, stereo lines on phono connectors. The four program outputs are also balanced XLR, with stereo, headphone and bus outputs on jacks. A mains lead is permanently connected, terminated with a standard 13A plug. 稀有InterM RMX 1426調音台10平衡麥克風輸入6平衡線路/ 4立體聲線路輸入4 PGM輸出+立體聲輸出耳機和監聽輸出FX發送/返回總線Aux Send總線在所有輸入/輸出上都安裝有機架式PFL在所有輸入上具有2 Band EQ輸出通道上的Phantom Power 10 LED VU計量此拍賣適用於InterM調音台,其中10個輸入通道可供麥克風或線路選擇。該專用辦公桌的主要功能是有四個程序輸出以及左/右立體聲混音,並且每個輸入通道都有到每個輸出通道的路由開關。對於在多個房間(例如教堂,學校,體育館或休閒中心)中帶有揚聲器的系統來說,這將是非常有用的功能,其中可能有後室,大廳,咖啡廳,更衣室或外部區域,可以根據需要獨立調整主系統。桌子處於良好的清潔狀態,並配有所有旋鈕和推子。理解和操作非常簡單。 注意:二手物品.收到之後有問題三天內請提出退換貨.否則恕無法辦理謝謝~

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2021 Apr