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🍎iPhone Xs max 64g 6.5 inch space gray battery health 89% original box with charger, old phone replacement is accepted #4789🍎




臺鐵楊梅車站 TRA Yangmei Station


We encourage users purchasing high-value items to meet and verify their purchases at a safe place. — Carousell Admin


2 months ago

🍎Recycled with 12 pro max, the original mobile phone has not been disassembled and repaired at all, the functions are all normal and the touch is smooth, the facial recognition is sensitive, the appearance is 90% new, the original box comes with a charger, and the 9H tempered Glass, accept old machine replacement stickers🍎 Face-to-face address link and contact method: If you want to buy a mobile phone or learn more about the machine, please add Line appointment + Line 0968269568 Mr. Xu The address of the meeting place is as follows: Convenience store downstairs at Yangmei Interchange Aibubang (Taipei Xindu Community) studio: Interview location 1: Family convenience store (Hokuto store) No. 332, Yucheng South Road, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City 326⋯⋯

Interview Location 2: Yangmei Station No. 256, Dacheng Road, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City

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@zziyi27099 days ago

Every time I have to ask the boss to help us foreign friends find Apple mobile phones. The Apple II mobile phone you sell looks beautiful and has the same functions as a new mobile phone. I am a very professional professional seller😊👍

🍎iPhone X 256g space gray battery 87% with charger #2971🍎


@zziyi270910 days ago

Thanks again to the boss for selling me a cheap and practical and beautiful mobile phone. Thank you for your careful testing. The mobile phone is completely normal and has no problem. The appearance is the same as the new one. In the future, if a friend needs to buy it with you again👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍

🍎iPhone 8 64g bright red battery 81% original box with charger #7906🍎


@zziyi270917 days ago

Thanks to the enthusiastic boss for helping me choose a great phone

🍎iPhone 8 Plus 64g gold battery 100% unboxed with charger #1809🍎Foreign friends at Yangmei Railway Station


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