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🈶限購一台‼️Samsung j7 prime 32GB 金色


Ximending (西門町)


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We encourage users purchasing high-value items to meet and verify their purchases at a safe place. — Carousell Admin

🍎iM愛瘋人 蘋果專賣🍎 請詳讀以下訊息再詢問🙏 《機況》 嚴選良品、外觀極新,僅微小使用痕跡,出貨前多重詳細檢測,保證功能全機正常。 《配件》 需另加購。 以下是我們的資訊可以參考: 👤官方網站: 👤粉絲專頁: 👤官方IG: 👤官方社團: 👤官方Line點選加入詢問: 👤官方Line手動加入詢問:@ogt4030b 👤官方微信:bstyle115 👤服務專線:0911578707(馬克) 大大感謝各位與愛瘋人購買過的好朋友持續介紹新朋友來與我們購買,您們的支持就是我們成長的動力。 iM愛瘋人品牌宗旨三享: 享有最高規格的服務品質 享有最實惠的價格 享有讓人無後顧的售後服務 #單買#單收#貼換#配件#喲維修#貼膜#系碼服務一次滿足您 優質無傷機況美 ✔️ There all are flawless mobile phone without any scratches in our online shop. 全功能、指紋皆正常 ✔️ All functions and Touch ID are in excellent condition. 手機無泡水、主板無維修 ✔️ All mobile phones never ever soaked in water. There is no maintenance record of the mother board. 全機原廠零件、配件原廠品質 ✔️ All components of these mobile phones are made by original company. The quality of accessories are as same as original company. 電池蓄電量健康 ( 電池認證 NCC ) ✔️ Battery storage is in excellent condition. 7天保固 ✔️ This is your preferential treatment. 7 Days warranty period 台北地區 皆可面交✔️ You can face-to-face transaction in Taipei. 輕鬆『 貨到付款 』 ✔️ Cash on delivery make you very convenient. 正品 I-Phone ✔️ iPhones in our online shop are all certified goods. 即刻購買送全新配件 💕 充電線 ( 傳輸線 )、豆腐頭 💕 While you buying our goods,we present you with new accessory for free. charging cables/charger #蘋果 #IPhone #iPhone6 #6Plus #6S #6SPlus #iphone7 #iphone7plus #iphone8 #iphonex #3C配件 #iPhone周邊 #Apple手機 #手機配件 #手機 #空機 #Apple空機 #耳機

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台北、新北皆可約時間面交試機 💪🏻💪🏻 We can face-to-face transaction to detect the iphones ,in Taipei, New Taipei City. 支持7-11 /郵局 貨到付款、蝦皮貨到付款。 We are very welcome that you cash on delivery on 7-11 or shopee. 買家其他寄送取貨方式可私訊聊聊唷😊 If you want to choose another product delivery , you can direct message us.

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