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宇宙英雄比爾 Bill The Galactic Hero 哈里哈里森 Harry Harrison


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※※FREE SHIPPING QUALIFIED※※ ※※本件免運※※ BILL THE GALACTIC HERO HARRY HARRISON AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF THE EDEN TRILOGY 「碟形世界」傳奇作家泰瑞.普萊契(Terry Pratchett)曾說過:「我不認為《星際大奇航》(The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)是史上最好笑的科幻小說,最爆笑的科幻小說非《宇宙英雄比爾》莫屬。」一個關於肥料專職技工的冒險故事,一本科幻迷不可錯過的當代科幻經典。本版另收錄哈里.哈里森全新導讀。 "I don't think The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was the funniest Science Fiction novel ever written. The funniest Science Fiction novel ever written was Bill, The Galactic Hero." —— Terry Pratchett WOULD YOU WANT YOUR SISTER TO MARRY A CHINGER? It was the highest honor to defend the Empire against the dreaded Chingers, an enemy race of seven-foot-tall lizards. But Bill, a Technical Fertilizer Operator from a planet of farmers, wasn't interested in honor-he was only interested in two things: his chosen career, and the shapely curves of Inga-Maria Calyphigia. Then a recruiting robot shanghaied him with knockout drops, and he came to in deep space, aboard the Empire warship Christine Keeler. And from there, things got even worse... From the sweltering fuse room aboard the Keeler, where he loses an arm while blasting a Chinger spaceship, to the Department of Sanitation far below the world-city of Helior, where he finds peace, job security, and unlimited is Bill, a pure-hearted fool fighting a deluxe cast of robots, androids, and aliens in a never-ending losing battle to preserve his humanity while upholding the glory of the Empire. WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY THE AUTHOR ■哈里.哈里森/Harry Harrison(1925/03/12–2012/08/15) 美國著名科幻作家哈里.哈里森,生於美國康乃狄克州史坦佛(Stamford, Connecticut)。曾第一任世界科幻小說協會主席。哈里森為文以幽默諷刺見長,作品曾多次改編為漫畫及電視影集。著名作品有《死亡世界》(Deathworld)及《不鏽鋼鼠輩》(The Stainless Steel Rat)等系列作,以及《伊甸園三部曲》(Eden trilogy)等。 Harry Max Harrison was an American science fiction author, known mostly for his character The Stainless Steel Rat and for his novel Make Room! Make Room! (1966). The latter was the rough basis for the motion picture Soylent Green (1973). Long resident in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, Harrison was involved in the foundation of the Irish Science Fiction Association, and was, with Brian Aldiss, co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. 作者:哈里.哈里森/Harry Harrison 叢書系列:Bill The Galactic Hero Series 規格:精平裝/Trade Paperback,13.6 x 21 x 1.7 cm,296頁 出版商:iBooks 出版日期:2004年06月29日 語言:英文 ISBN-10:0-7434-2376-3 非新品書頁泛黃,下緣有一撇,附保護書套,不介意物品狀況再行購買。 Condition: Good. Pre-owned book with a stroke at the bottom of the rim but no missing pages nor anything that would compromise the legibility or understanding of the text. All pages are intact, no highlighting of text, no writing in margins. No missing pages. With dust jacket. 殺…很…大! 吉莉安弗琳典藏合輯 The Complete Gillian Flynn 控制 暗處 利器 Gone Girl / Dark Places / Sharp Objects

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