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怒海之心電影封面版 In the Heart of the Sea 白鯨記的靈感來源 Moby-Dick 捕鯨船 海洋史




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3 years ago

原價:494元 優惠價:398元 THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY THAT INSPIRED MOBY-DICK THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER IN THE HEARTOF THE SEA NATHANIEL PHILBRICK 十九世紀航海史上慘絕人寰的真實故事 梅爾維爾經典作品白鯨記的靈感來源 當捕鯨船「艾塞克斯號」(Essex)於1819年自南塔克特島(Nantucket)港口揚帆啟程後,遭遇了意想不到的事件。在廣袤的太平洋中不過滄海一粟的艾塞克斯號,當面對抗大自然的力量時毫無招架之力,船身被一隻盛怒的抹香鯨撞沉,船上的廿名船員被迫棄船逃生,分別搭上三艘救生艇投向那茫茫大海。 時隔九十天後,僅剩一小部分船員獲救,此時這樁揉合了勇氣、絕望、不惜同類相殘啖食人肉才得以生存的恐怖故事,這才透過倖存船員的口中逐漸傳開…… 而這則駭人聽聞的海難事件,也成了日後赫曼.梅爾維爾(Herman Melville)筆下《白鯨記》的創作素材。 When the whaleship Essex set sail from Nantucket in 1819, the unthinkable happened. A mere speck in the vast Pacific ocean – and powerless against the forces of nature – Essex was rammed and sunk by an enraged sperm whale, and her twenty crewmen were forced to take to the open sea in three small boats. Ninety days later only a handful of survivors were rescued – and a terrifying story of desperation, cannibalism and courage was revealed… One of the greatest sea yarns ever spun, "In the Heart of the Sea" is the true story of the extraordinary events that inspired Herman Melville's masterpiece "Moby-Dick". 同名改編電影由金獎導演朗霍(Ron Howard)華執導,《血鑽石》知名編劇查爾斯李維特(Charles Leavitt)改編,並由《雷神索爾》克里斯漢斯沃(Chris Hemsworth)、《吸血鬼獵人:林肯總統》班傑明沃克(Benjamin Walker)、《黑暗騎士—黎明昇起》席林墨菲(Cillian Murphy)、《007:空降危機》班維蕭(Ben Whishaw)、布蘭頓葛利森(Brendan Gleeson)以及湯姆荷蘭(Tom Holland)等多名好萊塢影星領銜主演,電影並於2015年12月11日於全美上映。 拿塔尼爾.菲畢里克 Nathaniel Philbrick NATHANIEL PHILBRICK is the bestselling and award-winning author of many books including Pulitzer Prize finalist "Mayflower", "Sea of Glory", "The Last Stand" and "Bunker Hill". He has further contributed to the scholarship on the whaleship Essex and "Moby-Dick" through two notable books, editing "The Loss of the Ship Essex", "Sunk By a Whale", a collection of first-person accounts by Essex crew members, and is the author of "Why Read Moby-Dick?", a powerful, personal treatise on the enduring merits of a classic novel. Philbrick lives on Nantucket. 作者:拿塔尼爾.菲畢里克 Nathaniel Philbrick 規格:平裝,12.9 x 19.8 x 2.3 cm,336頁 出版商:HarperCollins Publishers 出版日期:2015年11月23日 語言:英文 ISBN-13:978-0-00-812683-4 怒海之心 IN THE HEART OF THE SEA 全新書。



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