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30x100cm carbon stocker 碳纖紋路膜 包膜 改色膜 貼紙 防水耐曬不易退色 多種顏色可以選擇



台中市 (Taichung)



2 weeks ago

The store size is 30 x 100 cm After order, tell us the color or screenshot Order 1 is 1 piece, Order 2 is 2 pieces (30x100cmx2piece) There are other size options (please ask us first) 40x100cm, 50x100cm, 60x100cm, 80x100cm, 100x100cm Special attention: For sizes above 50x100cm (inclusive), due to the 7-11 package size limitation, it will be packaged in a folded manner, so the received film will have creases. You only need to warm it up with a hair dryer to restore the flatness. If you want to roll it up (don’t fold the concave fold), you can choose the mailing method. The shipping cost is 80nt, but you must first remit the payment or use the post office to collect the goods. The shipping cost is 120nt, and then provide the recipient name after placing the order. Give us mobile number. 此賣場尺寸為 30 x 100 cm 下單後告訴我們顏色或截圖 下單數量1為1件,下單數量2為2件(30x100cmx2piece) 還有其他尺寸選擇 (請先詢問我們) 40x100cm 、50x100cm、60x100cm、80x100cm、100x100cm 特別注意 : 50x100cm(含)以上尺寸,因為7-11包裹尺寸限制,所以會以折疊方式包裝,所以收到的膜會有摺痕,您只須用吹風機稍加溫幾可恢復平整 若是要以捲起方式(不要摺疊凹折),可以選擇郵寄方式,運費是80nt,但須先匯款付款完成或是以郵局代收貨價方式運費是120nt,下單後再提供收件地址姓名手機號碼給我們

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Hi, is this still available?

Is the price negotiable?

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