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90%新2本英文平裝繪本The grape jelly mystery The Thunder Egg Thief

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新北市 (New Taipei)

90%新英文平裝繪本 誠品購得 The Grape Jelly Mystery - 46頁 - 原價170元 - 賣一本70 封面右下角有摺痕 其他狀況良好 無塗鴉 無畫痕 What a sticky situation! Sparky, Niel, and Arthur are eating grape-jelly sandwiches when the jelly drips on an important note from their mom. Now they can't read the note! Can they decode the message before Mom gets home? You'll never believe the surprise they're in for! reader's review: This was a great book for kids! It certainly will keep them engaged, wanting to find out what the letter said and what their mom was coming home with. The Thunder Egg Thief - 64頁 - 原價180元 - 賣一本70 90%新, 狀況良好 無塗鴉 無畫痕 Mum wants a quiet weekend in the country, but Dad chooses Mount Perlius. Dad takes us rock hunting so mum can sleep. Emily is determined to find a diamond and I'm looking for fossils. Nick finds an egg-shaped rock and when a roaring and wailing echoes, through the bush, he knows there's only one thing to do... How can he find the monster who laid that egg?

3 weeks ago In Children's Books
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