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Air pro3 dual-ear noise-cancelling version plus ultra-low latency support siri pin-window Bluetooth wireless headset sports showcase Air pro3 雙耳降噪版+超低延遲 支援siri 彈窗藍牙 無線耳機 運動 展示品

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新竹市 (Hsinchu City)

"Commodity Features" Press to play, pause, or answer the phone Double-click to skip to the next track Press three times to jump back to the previous track Press and hold to switch between active noise reduction and permeable mode Say "Hey Sirl" to play songs, make calls, get directions, and more Non-Apple products!! Same sound quality function level! Apple products are supported so please be aware of the feature before you order it Product Specifications Model: Air Pro3 Warranty: One year NCC Securities: CCAI19LP1276E7 Merchandise Content: Host x1 Wireless charging case x1 Silicone earbud sleeve (three sizes) Lightning on USB-C cable x1 Description file 1 Random gift pack The rest of the accessories to the original confession-based Audio technology Active noise reduction Permeable mode Adaptive equilibrium The breathing system achieves pressure balance Apple's customized high amplitude drive unit Custom high dynamic range amplifiers Sensor Dual beam-forming microphone In-2 microphone Dual optical sensor Motion acceleration sensor Voice acceleration sensor Force sensor Chip Functional control Press the Force Sensor to play, pause, or answer a call Double-click to skip to the next track Press three times to jump back to the upper track Press and hold to switch between active noise reduction and permeable mode Support for Apple's full-device iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, iMac ★ shared source ★ is ★ and has a streaming platform that supports Google TV Chromecast Size and weight Air Pro3 (each) ⁴ Height: 1.22 inches (30.9 mm) Width: 0.86 inches (21.8 mm) Depth: 0.94 inches (24.0 mm) Weight: 0.19 oz (5.4 g) The wireless charging ⁴ Height: 1.78 inches (45.2 mm) Width: 2.39 inches (60.6 mm) Depth: 0.85 inches (21.7 mm) Weight: 1.61 oz (45.6 g) Charging case Charges can be made using a Qi-certified charger or via the Lightning connector Battery AirPods Pro Up to 4.5 hours of listening per charge (up to 5 hours when active noise reduction and permeable mode are turned off) ⁵ A single charge can last up to 3.5 hours ⁶ AirPods Pro (with wireless charging case) Listen for more than 24 ⁷ Talk for more than 18 hours ⁸ Charge in the charging case for 5 minutes for approximately 1 hour of listening time⁹ or approximately 1 hour of talk time1 match 展示品 沒有原廠包裝! 【商品特色】 按一下可播放,暫停或接聽電話 按兩下可跳至下一曲目 按三下可跳回上一曲目 長按可在主動降噪與通透模式之間切換 說聲 “嘿 Sirl” 即可播放歌曲 撥打電話或獲取路線信息等 非蘋果產品!!相同音質功能等級! 支援蘋果產品所以功能 下單前請知悉 【商品規格】 型號:Air Pro3 保固:一年 NCC証號:CCAI19LP1276E7 商品內容物: 主機*1 無線充電盒*1 矽膠耳塞套 (三種尺寸) Lightning 對 USB-C 連接線*1 說明文件*1 隨機大禮包 其餘配件以原廠供告為主 音頻技術 主動降噪 通透模式 自適應均衡 通氣系統可實現壓力平衡 Apple 定制的高振幅驅動單元 定制的高動態範圍放大器 傳感器 雙波束成形麥克風 內向式麥克風 雙光學傳感器 運動加速感應器 語音加速感應器 力度感應器 芯片 功能控制 按壹下力度感應器可播放、暫停或接聽電話 按兩下可跳至下壹曲目 按三下可跳回上壹曲目 長按可在主動降噪與通透模式之間切換 支援蘋果全裝置iPad+Apple Watch+MacBook+iMac ★共享音源★輔助使用★有支援Google TV Chromecast 】影音平台串流 尺寸與重量 Air Pro3 (每只)⁴ 高度:30.9 毫米 (1.22 英寸) 寬度:21.8 毫米 (0.86 英寸) 深度:24.0 毫米 (0.94 英寸) 重量:5.4 克 (0.19 盎司) 無線充電盒⁴ 高度:45.2 毫米 (1.78 英寸) 寬度:60.6 毫米 (2.39 英寸) 深度:21.7 毫米 (0.85 英寸) 重量:45.6 克 (1.61 盎司) 充電盒 可使用 Qi 認證充電器或通過閃電接口進行充電 電池 AirPods Pro 單次充電聆聽時間最長可達 4.5 小時 (在關閉主動降噪功能和通透模式時最長可達 5 小時)⁵ 單次充電通話時間最長可達 3.5 小時⁶ AirPods Pro (配無線充電盒) 聆聽時間超過 24 小時⁷ 通話時間超過 18 小時⁸ 在充電盒中充電 5 分鐘即可獲得大約 1 小時的聆聽時間⁹ 或大約 1 小時的通話時間¹⁰

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