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CASIO 🇯🇵(卡西歐) Baby-G (BA-110GA-7A1DR) 雙顯 防水 女錶/ 二手極新商品 / 9成新 / 原廠商品/100% original/ 原價$4200

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台北市 (Taipei)
二手極新商品 ~ 便宜售出,it 100% original 商品都是實體拍攝 ~ 👍 100% Money back if is not authentic product 【BA-110RG-7A】 .錶圈 / 錶殼 / 錶帶材質:樹脂 .Neobrite夜光塗料指針 .耐衝擊構造 .礦物玻璃 .防水100米 .LED照明:琥珀色 (餘暉設計) .世界時間  29個時區(48個城市+世界協調時間)、日光節約時間(開啟/關閉) .碼錶  測量單位:1/100秒  測量上限:23:59'59.999"  測量模式:經過時間、中途時間、第一名與第二名時間差 .倒數計時  測量單位:1秒  測量範圍:1分鐘-24小時(以1分鐘/1小時為單位增加) .5組每日鬧鈴(4組1次鬧鈴與1組貪睡鬧鈴) .整點報時 .全自動月曆(至2099年) .12/24小時制切換 .操作音(開啟/關閉) .時間模式  指針:兩針(時、分(每20秒移動一次))  數字:時、分、秒、pm、月、日、星期 .精準度:每月±30秒 .電池壽命估計值:2年(使用SR726W*2) .尺寸:46.3 x 43.4 x 15.8mm .重量:45g .原廠包裝、原廠說明書 Second-hand extremely new goods ~ sold cheaply, 100% of the original price The goods are all physical shooting~👍 If it is not genuine, 100% will be returned 【BA-110RG-7A】 . Bezel/case/strap material: resin . Neobrite luminous paint pointer . Impact resistant structure . Mineral glass . Water resistant to 100 meters . LED lighting: Amber (afterglow design) . world time 29 time zones (48 cities + UTC), daylight saving time (on/off) . Stopwatch Unit of measurement: 1/100 second Measurement upper limit: 23: 59'59.999" Measurement mode: elapsed time, halfway time, time difference between first and second place . countdown Unit of measurement: 1 second Measuring range: 1 minute to 24 hours (increase by 1 minute/1 hour) . 5 groups of daily alarms (4 groups of 1 time alarms and 1 group of snooze alarms) . report punctually . Automatic monthly calendar (until 2099) . 12/24 hour clock switch . Operation sound (on/off) . Time mode Hands: two hands (hours, minutes (moving once every 20 seconds)) Numbers: hour, minute, second, pm, month, day, Wednesday . Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month . Estimated battery life: 2 years (using SR726W * 2). . Dimensions: 46.3 x 43.4 x 15.8mm . Weight: 45g . Original factory packaging, original factory instructions
2 weeks ago In Watches
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