16GB Gaming RGB Core i5-4440 SSD120&1TB

桃園市 (Taoyuan), Taiwan



This product has 3 months of warranty The warranty is very important,you will pay it again if it has no warranty The second red color PC is Core i5-4440 This is one set Real RGB Gaming desktop computer You could use one remote controller for changing RGB light The space: Processor:Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHZ to 3.4GHZ Memory:DDR3-16GB SSD:120GB&HDD:1000GB Graphics card:AMD HD7870 winGTX 660 1GD5 Monitor:Asus 22 inches Brand new Keyboard,mouse,speaker,mouse pad OS:Windows 10 with 64 bit verson App:Microsoft Office 2016,Adobe CS6 master YouTube downloader,Skype Games:Dota2,LOL,NBA2K18. NBA2K17. Battlefield 4 Just Cause 3. Sniper Elite 4. Victor Vran GTA5. Mortal Kombat XL. Far Cry Primal Far Cry 4. Mafia III. The kink of fighters XIV Moto Racer 4. Devil May Cry 4. Tom Clancys Saints Row Gat out of Hell. Left 4 Dead 2 Darksiders II. Sniper Ghost Warior 2.Killng Floor Launcher CS Castlevania Lord of shadow 2 Hell blade senuas sacrifice. Nex Machina Prevent the fall. Street fighter V Arcade edition Just pm me if somebody wanna buy this one 品牌: Others 類型: Desktops Model Number: RGB Ram (GB): 16GB HDD (GB): 1000GB SSD (GB): 120GB



桃園市 (Taoyuan), Taiwan

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