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高雄市 (Kaohsiung)
BRANDNEW AND PREORDER! Diameter: 32cm Coating: 4 layers of medical stone coating Note: There is an oil drain hole in the middle (turn to open), an oil guide groove at the bottom to drain oil, and an oil drip hole on the side to receive oil Before using for the first time, please wash with kitchen detergent, and use it after washing Material: aluminum alloy, non-stick coating (the internal material is aluminum alloy, and the outside is coated with a non-stick coating. The baking pan is made of aluminum die-casting, which is strong and can perform well. The radial texture design makes the roasting pan more evenly heated, and the surface is coated with medical stone. The roasted meat is more delicious and delicious, and there is a unique taste of stone barbecue. The surface is specially treated, and the shallow oil guide groove is designed to allow the excess oil to be drained smoothly and inserted through the oil leakage port next to it. Special treatment at the bottom and oil guiding design. There are oil guiding holes beside the grilling pan. You can easily store excess oil by placing utensils under the oil guiding holes, which almost solves the sticking and oily fume during the barbecue process, and keeps the meat delicious and makes you The barbecue process is more enjoyable. The surface of the bakeware adopts a special process, and the surface coating is not easily damaged and has good durability. The bottom of the bakeware is designed reasonably, and all stoves and stoves are used. The home gas stove and cassette stove are common, the bottom of the bakeware is designed with a double layer, which heats evenly, which can prevent the food from scorching and burning. Care instructions: In order for the baby to be able to use it for a longer time, please do not use a wire brush or other hard objects to clean it during the cleaning process. It is best to soak it in warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth. Precautions: Note that this type of barbecue plate needs to be directly heated by an open flame, and cannot be used on an induction cooker. It can be used on open flame stoves such as cassette stoves, fire boilers and household gas stoves. Product name: Korean HANARO fire-roasted dual-purpose grill pan Korean
2 months ago In Preorders
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2020 Sep

very good seller and very responsive to buyer like me.. thank you very much😍😍😍