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Philips 飛利浦智能萬用快煮電鍋 5公升 Pressure Cooker




4 weeks ago

零售價格: NT$3,888.00 飛利浦智能萬用快煮電鍋 型號:HD2136 / 65

狀況:所有功能均正常工作 蒸煮燉滷烤,餐餐飯菜香 飛利浦智慧萬用鍋具有智慧自動烹調系統,只要輕輕一按,營養美味的豐盛佳餚就輕鬆上桌。 蒸煮燉滷烤,餐餐飯菜香 多樣料理 自動設定 5公升 10 杯份 人性化 24 小時預約功能 無水烹調,鎖住食物天然美味。 8 道安全保護裝置,安全加倍。 防燙上蓋設計,絕佳隔熱。 專利可立式鍋蓋設計,可隨意立在桌面,節省空間。 大數位顯示幕,輕鬆掌握烹飪進度。 自動轉換至保溫模式 保溫功能可長時間保持米飯或菜餚的溫度又不流失食物的營養與美味,烹調程序結束後,智慧萬用鍋會自動轉換至保溫模式。 技術規格 配件 飯勺: 有 是 設計規格 控制面板顏色: 古銅金 顏色:黑色 尺寸 (長 x 寬 x 高): 314x368x315 mm 主體材質: 不鏽鋼 **電壓:220v 重量 (含包裝): 6.02 kg Philips Viva Collection ME Computerized Electric Pressure Cooker Press Touch 5 liter Retail price: NT$3,888.00 Model: HD2136/65

Condition: All functions are in perfect working order Steaming, stewing, stewing, roasting The Philips Smart Pan has a smart automatic cooking system. With just one tap, nutritious and delicious hearty dishes can be easily served on the table. Steaming, stewing, stewing and roasting, meals are fragrant Various dishes automatic setting 5 liters 10 cup servings Humanized 24-hour appointment function Anhydrous cooking can lock the natural and delicious food. 8 safety protection devices, double the safety. Anti-scalding upper cover design, excellent heat insulation. Patented vertical lid design, which can stand on the table at will, saving space. Large digital display, easy to grasp the cooking progress. Automatically switch to keep warm mode The heat preservation function can keep the temperature of rice or dishes for a long time without losing the nutrition and deliciousness of the food. After the cooking process is over, the smart pot will automatically switch to the heat preservation mode. Accessories Rice scoop: Yes Design specifications Control panel color: bronze gold Color: Black Dimensions (L x W x H): 314x368x315 mm Body material: stainless steel **Voltage: 220v Weight (including packaging): 6.02 kg ******** 我住在淡水,我可以在淡水捷運站見面。 I live in Tamsui so we can meet at Tamsui MRT station. 我還有許多其他商品正在出售,請看看。 我可以打折其他物品。 I have many other items on sale, please take a look. I can give a discount with other items.

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