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RAINBOW Herbal Blend for Smoking or Tea




台北市 (Taipei)



1 week ago

Our herbal blends are all natural and multi-use. ・tea ・loose incense ・smoked in rolls or pipe ・herbal bath ・vaporized Non-addictive: No nicotine, no tobacco 🌿 🔥 💨 RAINBOW Herbal Blend A colorful, vibrant blend to relax on your own, enjoy time with friends, attract creative inspiration, and experience wholeness. Celebrate yourself and others with this fragrant, delicious blend. Rich with a variety of florals that match each color of the rainbow. Perfect as a gift. Ingredients: Rose, Wild Dagga, Marigold, Mullein, Blue Lotus, Lavender 🌿 Rose – Relieves stress and anxiety 🌿 Wild Dagga – Enhances mood and mental clarity 🌿 Marigold – Brings sunniness and positivity, aids detoxification 🌿 Mullein – Clears the lungs, base herb for smooth taste 🌿 Blue Lotus – Calming euphoria, assists meditation and inspiration 🌿 Lavender – Brings peace and relaxation Unique & colorful floral taste 🌿 🔥 💨 2 sizes available 15g = NT$333 comes in small glass bottles, easy to carry 50g = NT$777 comes in kraft bags, can be used as refill 15g rolls about 30-40 cigs. 50g rolls about 100-120 Our blends always include herbs that support lung health, such as Mullein. List of our other Blends: ❤️ RELAX: Heal w/ Rose & Lavender 💛 FOCUS: Awaken your mind and senses w/ Mint & Gotu Kola 💚 BREATHE: Clear your lungs w/ Mullein 💙 EXPAND: Connect to source and spirit w/ Salvia 💜 STEADY: Aid smoking cessation w/ Lobelia & Clove 🖤 PROTECT: Ground into your core w/ Yerba Santa & Uva Ursi 🌈 RAINBOW: Relax and celebrate w/ a rainbow of herbs: Rose, Wild Dagga, Marigold, Mullein, Blue Lotus & Lavender We also sell ・rollers ・filter tips ・rolling papers ・reusable cotton bags (for tea and bath) ・cornsilk Cornsilk is for pipe users, it acts as a natural filler to layer at the bottom of the pipe in place of a metal filter. International orders welcomed! Feel free to message me with your questions or feedback. Visit:


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Tâilé Ng

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