SAMEYEH Lot No 00054 Antique Hearat from central Asia 192 x 122 cm

新北市 (New Taipei), Taiwan



Antique Herat 00054 Carpet No(Type N Reference): 00054 Origin (State, Province): Central Asia Size: 192 x 122 cm from sh.sameyeh Oriental carpet catalogue page No.199 Age: 4th quarter of 19th century Category: Central Asia Description of Design and History: Herat is the third-largest city of Afghanistan. It has a population of about 436,300, and serves as the capital of Herat Province, situated in the fertile valley of the Hari River Herat is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the western part of the country. Together with Badghis, Farah, and Ghor provinces, it makes up the south-western region of Afghanistan. Its primary city and administrative capital is Herat City. All natural dyes are paramount for the carpet to have more than just decorative value. Beyond that, various dyers had varying levels of skill and invested different lengths of time in dyeing the yarns. The “quality of color”–its radiance and level of nuance within each color–is centrally important. Certain rare colors such as Tyrian purple, saffron yellow, cochineal rose and greens add to the carpet’s value



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