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Taiwan Ruby Black Tea Bag (Spring 2019) || Organic Black Tea, Hand Plucked || Oolong Black Tea Bag




1 month ago


The tea has the mellow sweetness of black tea, but with the unique aroma of the oolong tea, it will definitely subvert your past imagine. ●Hand plucked. Lively flavored. Blushingly red. ●Made from the Qingxin Oolong tea tree variety. ●Good quality black tea comes from good raw materials, so manual harvesting is necessary. Classification: Organic Black Tea Type: Qingxin Oolong Place of Origin: Taitung Mountain Area Production of Season: Spring, 2019 Net weight per bag: 3g This product is not including the paint can. If you wanna buy ↓ Paint can: NT$ 35 per can (12 tea bags can be contained in one paint can) Gift case + Portable paper bag: NT$ 80 per set (One gift case can contain two paint cans) If you buy a paint can or a gift case, there will be a set of instruction card (two cards) attached inside. ※ We reserve the right to change the above packaging materials at any time without notice.

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Hi, is this still available?

Is the price negotiable?

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