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Stanfer Chung




桃園市 (Taoyuan)   ∙   Joined 3y 11m


Very Responsive

If you like it, you can place an order, otherwise you will have nothing to buy after you are late! To buy fast, super cheap! 有喜歡就下訂單,不然晚了就沒東西可買了!要買要快,超級便宜!



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  • huangemingzhaozhang 2 months ago

    這個賣家很奇怪東西有問題 是否告訴我解決問題的方法,回應我的確是不相關的話語,真的很讓人不能接受。我補充一點如果拖延是你的態度那麼我也幫不了妳,東西有問題我沒有叫你自己來看親自取回就不錯還在那想要拖延時間,真的只會得到負平,我看誰敢跟你買東西,麻煩一堆

    stanfer0318 1 month ago

    先生,東西是好的,是你自己不會用,用一台沒HDMI的螢幕來安裝,再來怪東西是壞的,我也跟你說不會用就寄回來給我,我退錢給你,你一直不寄回,還一直放話要告我,恐嚇我!一台android TVBOX本賣500讓你殺價了340賣你,東西你不會用,是你的問題,不會用我也叫你寄回來,我退錢給你!但你遲遲不寄回,還在那說三道四的,人家直播台賣東西也是這樣,東西寄回來,錢就退回給你!公道自在人心!你應該去商店裏買商品,不要在網購買商品懂嗎!

  • jajabless2216 4 months ago

    Good seller

  • annesedilla.0404 5 months ago


  • katmiks07 7 months ago

    I recieve the item.. Im satisfied...Thank you

  • indayl_10 9 months ago

    the item is not working.. 👎👎👎 Terrible

    stanfer0318 9 months ago

    Goods are good, have been tested! It's your use problem!Is it messy? Bad buyer!

  • cutemyname 1 year ago


    stanfer0318 9 months ago


  • edrelin.guetan 1 year ago

    veryfast transaction to deal with.Good seller thank you for trust me. God Bless you

    stanfer0318 12 months ago


  • babyting0427 1 year ago


    stanfer0318 9 months ago


  • dags3nidad 2 years ago

    you give me not your showing the picture, not really samsung. no good

    stanfer0318 2 years ago

    Always killing the price, but also good goods, the goods I give you are the same, just in the packaging, one is boxed, one is in bulk, the things are the same! You are the picking buyer, the bad buyer Also give me a negative evaluation, but also cheap, but also a famous brand, is it possible?

  • veymaeiane 2 years ago

    thank u so much

  • ray1069mond 2 years ago

    很棒的賣家! 快速出貨! 愉快的交易! 謝謝!

  • ashanti1251 2 years ago

    It was a great deal to shop here....!!! Im a repeat buyer of his items and no downtime dealing with him:) My Godbless you more Sir...

  • nec21685049 3 years ago


    stanfer0318 2 years ago


  • cuaycong58 3 years ago

    Thanks your a good seller

  • glaecee 3 years ago

    Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies Thank you!❤️

  • jenny3317 3 years ago

    值得推薦的好賣家! 商品與描述符合。

  • jhassyhsu24 3 years ago

    Great seller to deal with! Item delivered as described. Pleasant transaction! Thank you!

  • winnylee30 3 years ago

    Thanks .... 👧

  • asdftyu 3 years ago


  • emma741129 3 years ago