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Health Healthy is the most important in our daily life to gear ourselves the best in happiness. Need Amulets or Buchas to boost your relationship(人缘), sales, wealth and protection? We provide a varieties of amulets and buchas for you to choose from.



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  • sgonlineshopee 4 months ago

    Very prompt replies. Patient and willing to share all details before purchase. Will definitely purchase again!



  • ricebowltrade 6 months ago

    Fantastic 😌, seller patiently waited for me and I benefited from his sharing of knowledge. Thank you bro! Heads up to you!



    divine.amulet 6 months ago

    Rejoice your merits and may everything be smooth in your life

  • siamamulethouse 6 months ago

    Thanks again for renting amulets

    divine.amulet 6 months ago

    Steady brother

  • jefferson_toh 1 year ago

    Super nice friendly seller to deal with with whole process done in few hours. After hearing my current quotation,just like many others because of this pandemic,Lawrence gave me a good price,advice & influence me with his happy go lucky character. He’s a down to earth seller,no hard sell at all. We talk a lot and actually nothing much about the amulet. Item is exactly as describe.

    divine.amulet 1 year ago

    Life should be simple Mind should be healthy Action should be good Sadhu sadhu sadhu

  • jolexwellness 1 year ago

    Great seller and pleasant transaction! 👍🏼😁 thx for your support and hope to see you again! 💕💕💕

    divine.amulet 1 year ago


  • toon1688 1 year ago

    Great seller that able to responsive fast. bought 2 pieces high end amulets from him. Again getting 2 pieces again from him.....

  • toon1688 1 year ago

    Very responsive seller Will support you again. A soild seller who give very detailed discription of the amulets and good in knowledge about buddha teaching

  • jsgekko 1 year ago

    A kind seller once know your intention of renting the amulet is genuine, he will give a good price. A nice seller to chat with. Thanks for sharing his Lersi and I am impressed. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu🙏🙏🙏

    divine.amulet 1 year ago

    Thanks There are a few customers also commented the Ongsa amulets pidta, Khun Paen and somdej have good energy. Thanks for giving me more confidence on these amulets on the amulets energy. A very nice and humble person

  • jsgekko 1 year ago

    Fast and hassle free deal. Seller are friendly and we had good chart and sharing of information.

    divine.amulet 1 year ago

    Thank you and I appreciate your sharing to me too

  • siamamulethouse 1 year ago

    A very honest person and sincerely bro.

  • funthings.tiny 1 year ago

    Very responsible, humble and willing to share person like your amulet very much. thank you.

  • ktan19976 2 years ago

    I asking for a wood carving typed and ended up receiving a fibre typed. Not honest to my question.

  • ggold 2 years ago

    Great seller to deal with, items as described, highly recommended 👍👍👍

    divine.amulet 2 years ago

    Hope you like the two amulets Sadhu sadhu sadhu

  • devilman 2 years ago

    Nice seller, item is great

    divine.amulet 2 years ago

    Thanks bro.... hope you like the khun paen

  • greencrystal 2 years ago

    Very nice n friendly buyer n punctual . Thnk you n have a good day

  • pidtaamuletslppern 2 years ago

    wonderful and very friendly seller.. i truly appreciate his sincerity and advises on items that i wish to purchase

    divine.amulet 2 years ago

    Thanks bro Thanks for your support Hope you like the amulet

  • pidtaamuletslppern 2 years ago

    This fine gentleman is such a nice friendly and also helpful in advising about amulets and way of life.. He is very sincere when it comes to matters or the faith.. a great wonderful personality. i will surely contact him if i have any doubts.. all said he is a wonderful carouseller.

  • ljy0925 2 years ago

    Great seller to deal with and friendly , nice to meet you hope to meet you again.

    divine.amulet 2 years ago

    Thanks for coming and hope you and your mother like it

  • jelly82 3 years ago

    Nice buyer to deal with. Thanks for walking all the way to my location.

  • calvin_fish 4 years ago

    Very patient seller , even due to my busy working hours , he is to hold the items for me! Appreciated very much . Thank you ! Highly recommended trust worthy seller ! Thumbs up 👍🏻

    divine.amulet 4 years ago

    Thank you and make time to meet up. Hope you like it and may you in best of health