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Fat Freeze/Cryolipolysis, Radiofrequency, IPL/SHR, HIFU, Cavitation. We specialize in permanent fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite and hair removal. Appointments only: WhatsApp +6596515795



(59 Reviews)
  • toomanysg . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Very awesome provider. Took time to explain the benefits and helped me make a good decision on the services available. Fuss free and no tactics like other providers. Highly recommended !

    Lose fats


  • vhcvauhuy2 . review from buyer 2 years ago

    First time I went to Hawaii spa- I did not expect much. Not sure if fat freeze will work for me. Surprisingly I’ve been back now more than 5 times:) treatment and price is excellent- as per what is advertised. No hard selling. Very very happy to have met Karen- she’s flexible and understanding. I’ll continue going back because her treatments are effective and work very well for me!

  • mizzzmx . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Karen is very friendly and helpful in answering my enquiries about the treatment. Feeling relaxed throughout the treatment and I am satisfied with the results. Will definitely recommend her 👍

    Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment ☺️


  • purpearlx_ . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Seller was really chill and friendly during the whole process! I went for 2 sessions and did see my thighs slim down a bit even though it was a slow process. She’s patient in explaining how the entire process works. Really recommended 👍🏻 Thanks Karen!

  • ppmakkal . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Karen is an amazing individual who patiently responds to all questions and puts you at ease during the treatments.. Her innovative solution steadily helped me to achieve desirable results.. highly recommend her for your weight loss needs..

  • kimora34 . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Sorry for the late review.. Karen is a very friendly and understanding person.. She is dedicated n even share tips on how to eat right n mantain ur weight.. Omg the vanquish machine really werks well on me n i have lose inches at my bck, thighs n arms.. highly recommended peeps.. Come down to Hawaiispa n support Karen! Tq Karen.. U r such a nice person❤

  • ssaleha132 . review from seller 2 years ago

    buyer was rlly early and patient! had a nice meetup with her! 10/10 recc!! 🥺

  • cluhtato . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Karen is very helpful when answering questions. She also replies rather quickly , answers all the questions on my queries !! She is also very welcoming and friendly ! Overall it is a very good experience & would highly reccomend to anyone who wants to try it out !

  • bbbuynsell . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Amazing experience! Lost about 1-1.5cm on arms and thighs, definitely going back again! i do look forward to progressive results:) Thanks Karen✨

  • rosyroseshop . review from buyer 2 years ago

    Friendly& nice lady , makes me feel comfortable when doing the treatments. Definitely see the results right after a day which I lost 1% body fat and tummy looked bit tighter but still fat la haha. Results will differ on each person la. She provide alternatives for my arms as the suction cup it’s a bit big to proceed. I signed a package but she never try to persuade me on that, very flexible ! (:

  • jasmine.eng . review from buyer 3 years ago

    I have been going back for treatments for a couple of times and I have steadily been loosing inches. No frills and no pretence and hence the price. Good value for money.

  • mimosaloves . review from buyer 3 years ago

    went for my first session today. karen is very friendly and very knowledgeable abt these. though she's young but she is experienced. cant wait to see results! ;)

  • kellie.89 . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Had a pleasant experience at fat-freezing/lipo laser with Karen! She was really friendly, answered any questions i had before the procedure and made sure i was comfortable the whole time. Saw some cm losses right after and can’t wait for more results to show. :)

  • e9Lqmn . review from buyer 3 years ago

    The treatment saw me like instantaneous result. Couldn't believe my eyes! Can't wait for my next appointment. Karen herself is SUPERB!!

  • tallcat . review from buyer 3 years ago

    NO hard sell.. just letting the results speaks for itself. for me, the results did speak (& rather loudly) i exercise a fair bit but somehow due to my sedentary job, i still have a tummy. so the cool sculpting was what i needed.. upon finishing treatment there was already 3-4cm results.. the 2 weeks later, when i went for another area.. another loss of few cm. happy customers who is still going

  • ilashyou . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Really pleased with the service Karen has provided. Saw immediate results for my waist and lower belly after the treatment. Will definitely be back again for a second treatment!

  • kimberlyyx . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Had a great time consulting and learning more about the process and service was amazing and results were shown immediately and very detailed explanation ☺ coming again for the next session again hehe

  • justbesafeshop . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Good service! Karen was nice to explain the process to me. I saw immediate reduction of my arms and thighs after the session. Only downside is that payment is by paynow/paylah so can’t pay by credit card. Her dad also does foot & back massage for a reasonable price so girls if you come with your bfs, just ask him sit there and get a massage! Will be back!

  • sugarluvv . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Superb services from Karen. Detailed explanation of the process and definitely visible results per area after my first session :) Best of all, no Hard Selling! Highly recommended and im definitely coming back for more sessions. :D

  • lambskewers . review from buyer 3 years ago

    Karen was rly knowledgeable about the treatment and how fat cells work. Rly great time chatting w her during the treatment and she even walked me to the bus stop. Recommended 😜