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Singapore   ∙   Joined 6y 6m


Very Responsive

- Backout=Blacklisted - Time wasters will be blocked. (especially if i have already packed your mail, please DO NOT backout because i pack every mail nicely.) - meetups pm - Mailing on weekends only. ( pls lmk, if urgent)



  out of 5  (31 Reviews)
  • wonawoo 25 days ago

    Really nice seller, everything came packed very nicely as well!

    WTS/LFB Leeknow Golive PC set


  • 30 days ago

    Smooth and pleasant transaction. Buyer was nice & payment was made promptly. Wouldn’t mind dealing again :)

  • horanghaepower 2 months ago

    buyer was super kind + made payment promptly tysm!

    WTT d:d PC


  • jisoosbabiee 2 months ago

    really nice, went through a lot of trouble to get me my order, even gave me freebies and the note was so cute 😭😭

  • nic00 2 months ago

    packaging was so cute and came with some freebies ! would love to deal with them again <3

    WTT/WTS Leeknow PC


  • 19770712_ 3 months ago

    The packaging was very neat and pretty 🥰 the mailing was very quick:)best seller I’ve ever dealt with so far. Will highly recommend!!!

    WTS Jeongin NoEasy PCs


  • bbokari_1117 3 months ago

    Buyer was really quick in responding and very friendly too! Very pleasant transaction and mailing was packaged really nice ! Tysm for trading the pc w me and I hope to deal with you again:D

  • jisungshines 4 months ago

    really nice and friendly trader, thank you so much for trading once again 💕

    WTT/WTS Stray Kids NoEasy Pcs


  • lemonhibiscus 4 months ago

    pleasant trade! very friendly & item was mailed quickly and packed nicely ^^ hope to deal again!

  • oracle_magus 4 months ago

    Very pleasent buyer! Rec to all :)

  • jakesimp 4 months ago

    this was an offer by me but buyer was really fast in reply and also friendly!!

  • jakesimm 5 months ago

    nice & friendly buyer ~ thanks for the deal ^^

  • janejx._ 5 months ago

    super nice seller and item was reasonably priced!!

    WTS Holo sleeve for PCs


  • bahngchans 5 months ago

    friendly buyer with speedy replies! pleasant transaction(: i hope you like your items! thanks and hope to deal with you again!^^

  • purpleranger 7 months ago

    Seller was very nice! Also took the effort to pack the items properly and nicely. Thank you so much for the great transaction!

    WTS BTS Jin/V Pc


  • hwanglinos_ 7 months ago

    Buyer is decisive & friendly! Overall a pleasant & smooth deal, thankyou~

  • ho_aria 7 months ago

    buyer was friendly and prompt with replies and payment. i hope you like your item ^^

  • alishashasha_ 7 months ago

    fuss free and friendly buyer, tysm for purchasing!

  • btsrjin 7 months ago

    thank you for the deal. item is really well packed and protected for mailing. 💜

  • jaylosophy07 7 months ago

    top loader very niceeee 🥰🥰

    Customised Toploaders