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Mostly Responsive

Do leave a message if you're interested in any stuff that I'm selling! :) 📌 STRICTLY NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE & NO RETURN 📌 NO POSTAGE TO SABAH & SARAWAK



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  • ozairaaa . review from buyer 6 months ago

    everything went smoothly thanks hehe

    H&M Nirvana Sweatshirt


  • anisbaharin_ . review from buyer 8 months ago

    Trusted , will repeat buying again from here!!

    H&M NFL Sweatshirt


  • iliiii. . review from buyer 9 months ago

    my go to personal shopper of h&m after this! really understanding and friendly. thank you so much awak 🤍😉

    H&M Yale Sweatshirt


  • nysaa_00 . review from buyer 9 months ago

    fit me perfectly, comes with really good condition, love this ps so much , hoping that we can deal again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    H&M Harvard Hoodie


  • annarose_ . review from buyer 9 months ago

    Great seller to deal with, kind and fast response ❤️ i very recommended this seller, if anyone yang cari personal shopper for h&m 🥰 hope next time can deal with you again! Thank you!

    H&M Dress


  • alysofeaaa . review from buyer 9 months ago

    Baju cantikk sangat penghantaran pon lajuu ✨ Seller so kind and senang nak deal sebab reply pon lajuu thankyou i will repeat beli again soon ✨✨

    H&M UCLA Hoodie


  • preloved.santai.santai . review from buyer 9 months ago

    Great seller and personal shopper to deal with ! Fast service and reply too ! So nice and friendly 🥰 Yg penting fast service and shipping ❤️

    H&M Metallica Shirt


  • ainnhakimah97 . review from buyer 1 year ago

    Seller is friendly & fast reply. The product packed neatly & each of them was covered with bubble wrap. Overall I’m satisfied with the product

    SAFI Hydra Glow Full Set


  • ayyubbbbb . review from buyer 1 year ago

    Perfectly mint condition! Boleh buat pakai kat rumah waktu musim hujan ni. Recommended seller. 👍🏻



  • kucinggemoktoystore . review from seller 2 years ago

    Easy to deal with, trusted buyer and friendly too!

  • littletigers . review from seller 2 years ago

    Buyer was really patient as it was CNY and posting was delayed because of my celebration. She was very understanding and sent her wishes too! Super friendly and smooth transaction as she paid on time. Would love to deal again! Hope you like the item 😊❤️

  • lilshidah . review from seller 2 years ago

    Such a friendly person and she was prompt with her decision & payment :) thank you so much! ❤️

  • anatomycloset . review from buyer 2 years ago

    great item ! tq beb

  • thealgebra . review from seller 2 years ago

    She was really nice and gave fast replies. Managed to secure a deal very quickly. Overall a smooth and pleasant transaction :)

  • roy3528 . review from seller 4 years ago

    Great buyer to deal with! Thanks support👍👍👍 Speedy replies Thank you!

  • nazrihassannzi . review from buyer 5 years ago

    Trusted Good and cute seller,melt...😅 item all good condition.. Recommend