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樂匠 非常樂意陪著你一起探討出自我風格👯‍♂️ 🔺手機 筆電包膜 / 客製化包膜服務 🔺gogoro包膜 / gogoro客製化包膜 🔺各式產品gogoro性能改裝精品及3C周邊商品💰 🔺各式車種保險/分期等.. 🔺機車打版與包膜歡迎討論👍



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  • janreysvlog 8 months ago

    some damage of the unit the saler did not the buyer,no good saler

    2012macbookair 4+128 銀色 ❤️ 外觀漂亮 功能完全正常


  • tw198405 1 year ago

    Well the shipper did not clarify the problems in the ipad inspite asking them many times. After I receive the product I found out some major problems and when I asked them to refund they just said NO. So because I'm foreigner they kind of cheated me & just keep saying oh I had written in Chinese.

    pistachios 1 year ago

    I can’t say nothing about your reaction to you. 1. You don’t understand Chinese, it’s not our fault to place an order 2. If there are any problems with the product, I will write them in the title. Can you translate OK? 對於你的反應 實在無法無話說 1.你看不懂中文 下單了 不是我們的錯 2.商品有什麼問題我都寫在標題 你可以翻譯OK?

  • xing2870 2 years ago

    交易愉快 是個好賣家