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Jeffrey Tan




Singapore   ∙   Joined 8y 9d


Very Responsive

Buy/rent/sell Your estate specialist Jeffrey tan 92965584R008766E



  out of 5  (36 Reviews)
  • jis89 20 days ago

    Hassle free!

  • jliniki 1 month ago

    A fast deal and genuine buyer. 👍🏻

  • esh18 2 months ago

    The seller was very nice.he went to my block to give the item..and is perfect.highly recommended👍👍👍👍👍

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  • janiceami 4 months ago

    Fast and decisive , thanks 😊

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  • vinnp 4 months ago

    Hassle free and quick transaction. Provides clear and prompt responses on chat. Highly recommended buyer!

  • play-e__toys 4 months ago

    Great buyer to deal with!👍👍👍👍👍

  • lyntremonti 4 months ago

    easy and smooth and fast to deal with. excellent buyer. Thank you

  • kayatosuto 4 months ago

    Buyer is very accommodating. Decisive and friendly. Thanks for the hassle free deal. Cheers! 👍🏼

  • munchkin23 4 months ago

    Decisive and polite buyer. Would definitely deal with again

  • nebooks 5 months ago

    Fast transaction

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  • mooveitderek 5 months ago

    Fuss free and hassle free buyer. Very pleasant dealing experience. Thanks for making the trip.

  • sinonvalliere 5 months ago

    Fast and decisive buyer, had a swift and smooth deal experience. Highly recommended!!! Hope you enjoy the packs. Cheers🍻

  • pokemoncollecter3819 5 months ago

    very fast and kind helpful person

  • tys032 5 months ago

    Reliable buyer, smooth transaction. Thank you.👍🏼

  • limyande9393 5 months ago

    came all the way to my house, friendly and punctual

  • pokexcaro 5 months ago

    Top buyer, fast and decisive! Close deal in 30mins.

  • krosnar 6 months ago

    Hassle-free and accommodating buyer who was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Hope to deal again in future:)

  • glacleafeon 6 months ago

    Decisive buyer! Hope to deal with you again!

  • yi.gadgets 6 months ago

    Fast quick deal . Straight forward . Enjoy your item cheers 🥂

  • notnowl 6 months ago

    Quick and decisive buyer. Thanks!